Monday, March 27, 2017

Reducing Healthcare Costs

RyanCare got no voter support because it was stuffed with little known provisions that didn’t do the job of reducing healthcare costs at their source. Instead, it advanced the march of socialism with a new federal subsidy based on healthcare costs, not age, not poverty. Continuing to increase federal funding would ensure that healthcare costs would continue to spiral. 


Voters didn’t like having everyone else’s healthcare expenses cost shifted to their healthcare costs, because it wasn’t their idea. It was the Democrats who thought that was a good idea. A majority of voters were ready to have Obamacare repealed with no replacement.


The blame for this dilemma rests primarily with the healthcare providers, hospitals, doctors, big pharma, etc.  They have done nothing to reengineer healthcare to reduce costs and improve outcomes. They have all price gouged and given bribes to politicians to perpetuate the myth that healthcare is the more important that food and shelter.  The media will not mention the fault of healthcare providers because their advertising dollars fund half of their revenue.


Healthcare is a scam. Healthcare providers need to be required to disclose the costs patients would incur. The cost of each item needs to be presented in writing to patients before they are admitted or scheduled. Patients should be given lower cost options. Not all tests, treatments and drugs are necessary.


Malpractice reform is needed immediately to mitigate “defensive medicine” practices.  I would ban malpractice suits completely.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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