Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What is Sweden Trying to Hide

By Conservative Zone, 3/6/17

Donald Trump recently cited Sweden as an example of the dangers of open borders. While the media did their best to paint him as an idiot and maniac, widespread riots seemed to verify the President’s statement. Sweden repeatedly states that everything is fine internally, but riots and the burning of property don’t usually happen with content populations. What is really happening?

The Official Report
If Sweden’s government is to be believed, the historic proportion of admitted refugees and immigrants has had no discernable impact on daily life in the country. Crime has not changed, and even if it had, there would be nothing to link those changes to refugees or immigrants.

They have derided Trump for his comments, and even the police officers who were shown on video describing increasing crime rates have completely retracted their statements. There is nothing to be seen or done.

Conflicting Data
The numbers coming out of Sweden are quite different from the government’s official statements. While it is true that there are no links between crime and refugees, it’s because Sweden doesn’t actually track those stats. In fact, they don’t measure any stats relating to race, religion or place of birth.
Thankfully, there are independent third parties that have provided some important information. The first you have likely heard: Sweden’s rape rates have increased leaps and bounds in the last eight years. This increase has correlated perfectly with a rising immigrant population.

There are a few more statistics that paint an even better picture of the state of the country. Sweden’s population is roughly 10 percent immigrant born, but in spite of that their prison populations are 32 percent immigrant. This shows either a systemic discrimination against foreigners or a major problem with immigrant crime rates. It’s likely tied to the labor situation.

For those native to the country, the labor force participation is an impressive 82 percent. For immigrants, it is a paltry 57 percent. A number of similar statistics make it clear that asylum seekers and refugees are not faring well in Sweden, and it is no surprise that violence and crime are the result.

The Crime Wave
In fact, just one day after the media crucified Trump for his comments on Sweden, violent riots erupted in Stockholm. That would be a strange coincidence if not for the fact that such riots have been on the rise for more than five years now.

Those riots are partially born of the economic disparity seen in the country, but they also stem from a massive influx of gang-led crime. Throughout the cities, immigrants have come together to form organized crime groups that have more than tripled gun crime and other violent statistics within the last 10 years.

These gangs are empowered by the absence of economic opportunity, and the ethnic and religious discrimination many immigrants bring from home have fueled the gang wars to make them increasingly dangerous. News of stabbings, shootings and even grenade killings have become normal in Sweden’s major cities.

Keeping it Quiet
With so much contradictory evidence available, it would seem silly for the Swedish government to try and keep these problems quiet. That hasn’t stopped the effort.

Numerous law enforcement officials have come forward under anonymity to expose the government’s clamp on admitting to the problems. Threats and coercive tactics have been widely employed by the nation to perpetuate the image they want to portray. Of course, tactics like these always come at a price, and in Sweden the status quo is shifting rapidly.

Largely due to immigration problems, the Populist Party has increased its proportional representation tenfold in the past three years. While it was once unacceptable to openly come out against immigration in polite society, the Sweden Democrats are now the second largest party in the country largely because they openly criticize the nation’s border policy. Roughly one in seven Swedes is a self-identifying member of the party, and they are growing faster than any other group in the region.

The Swedish government has attempted an interesting tactic in information manipulation. They make all of their official records public. Rather than hiding details that might prove incriminating, they simply refuse to track or record the issues in the first place.

Their increasingly heavy-handed attempts to retain control are beginning to backfire. While the Prime Minister smiles in the face of his country’s crises, riots, gang wars and violent crime threaten the population. That population is noticing, and Sweden may soon face the same wave of regime change that is sweeping through Europe.~ Conservative Zone


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