Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Venezuela Update

Venezuela is Starving, by Dick Morris, video


The socialist, Marxist leaders of Venezuela continue to destroy their country. There are currently no qualified candidates to take over this country. The government owns the oil business and the Leftist cartel is waiting for oil prices to rise and save them. In the meantime, their citizens are starving.



Inflation in Venezuela in 2016 Estimated at 404%, by Today News 2/17/17

Brazil migration authorities have approved a measure that will facilitate a two-year residence for Venezuelan, Brazilian media reported on Thursday.



Venezuela is a gulf-coastal country at the North end of South America and is next to Colombia. They are not in a position to be annexed by a normal, stable South American country. Venezuela is in the grip of criminal leftist cartels, who would kill any normal politicians who could turn this country around.


These criminals could have given the oil drilling back to the private sector oil companies at any time in order to generate revenue, but they are not doing this.  They are waiting for oil prices to increase, but this won’t happen either.


In any case, no matter which criminal is running the country, they owe their lenders a fortune.  These lenders should refuse to lend them any more money and should aggressively pursue full payment of what Venezuela owes them


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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