Thursday, March 30, 2017

Trump's Healthcare Promise Mistake

Trump misspoke when he promised that the Obamacare replacement would be better.  He should have explained why healthcare costs had become unsustainable, what he and Congress could do to lower healthcare costs and warned voters that lowering costs would take time.


Trump correctly gave the healthcare fix to the Congress, because, as President, he doesn’t pass the laws, Congress does that.


The failure of RyanCare is Ryan’s fault. He should have opened the process with several weeks of discussions that included all Republicans.  They need to write a bill they can all vote for in the House and Senate without any Democrats.


Trump’s order removed the fines and mandates, but the un-twizzling of the cost drivers in Obamacare needs to be done in the correct order.


The cost drivers include illegal immigrant, refugee and non-citizen benefits included in the $384 billion a year it takes to give non-citizens US welfare.  It also includes malpractice suits that have created “defensive medicine”.  I also includes the fact that providers are not yet required to disclose their prices.  It also includes regulations that unnecessarily increase the cost of healthcare. It includes the end of cost shifting from non-paying to paying consumers. It would end the requirement that hospitals are required to treat patients for free and allow providers to turn patients away. It would require the return of county and charity funded clinics for the poor. States would be encouraged to allow insurance sales across state lines.


Trump should continue to expose price gouging and beat up on the perpetrators like big pharma and hospital policies


Eligibility rules and coverage requirements need to be removed from Obamacare to allow health insurers to offer whatever plans they think they can sell.  Let’s see if the Democrats will attack the health insurance consumers for not paying more for more coverage.


There should be no federal regulations requiring all insurance companies to include any features now on the table.  A free market has no moral imperatives.


Insurance companies should be able to sell a major medical plan with a $1 million lifetime maximum, no coverage for 26 year old children and no coverage for pre-existing conditions.  Consumers should be able to mix and match coverages and compare prices. See the joke that backfired below:


Dick Morris Reports


President Trump is in the middle of a brilliant maneuver to repeal Obamacare without even asking the Democrats in Congress to go along — by pulling Obamacare’s teeth! He is not destroying Obamacare. Instead, he is making it voluntary. He knows that if nobody is required to sign up for its ridiculous plans with their sky-high premiums and gigantic deductibles, then nobody will. Good-bye, Obamacare. But how is he doing it?

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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