Thursday, March 30, 2017

Social Justice Bake Sale

 University Shuts Down Bake Sale After It Triggers SJW Snowflakes, Harassed by students and faculty, CN Paul Bois, 3/28/17

A student at Regis University had a genius plan to troll his snowflake peers during the Catholic school's Social Justice Week by hosting a satirical bake sale to show them all just how incredibly ridiculous they look, and on cue, the university shut him down in the name of tolerance.   

Student Alexander Beck's genius plan, which had been previously perfomed by Fox Business host John Stossel in one of his weekly specials, sold bake goods according to the prices of one's privileged status. Obviously, white males and Asians paid the most while blacks and Hispanics paid the less. Double privilege discounts were rewarded to LGBT students of color. 

Within moments of the bake sale, students immediately filed a complaint with the diversity office, who then subsquently shut it down. Beck now claims he has since faced harassment from students and his academic advisor, which has prompted the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) to get involved and warn Regis of violating his free speech. 

The College Fix provided details as to the kangaroo court nature of the "secret meeting" students held with the diversity office: 

According to Beck, a student leader later told him that the diversity office, led by his academic advisor Nicki Gonzales, held a meeting March 21 about his bake sale. (The Fix is not naming the leader, who fears repercussions for leaking the meeting to Beck.)

It was attended by 30-40 people and led by students, who said they didn’t feel safe on campus and shared their experiences of meeting Beck at the bake sale, according to Beck’s notes from his conversation with the student leader. Students suggested Beck be disciplined under the school’s “points” system, and they “shouted down” one student in attendance who said something mildly supportive of Beck.

The news of this meeting is “greatly concerning to me,” in addition to students “heckling me on my way to classes” and “mobbing my table at dinner,” Beck told The Fix. On Wednesday he overheard his name and the word “Antifa” – the loose-knit anti-fascist movement – come from a nearby cafeteria table, whose patrons were staring at him.

When Beck met with his academic advisor Gonzales to discuss the contents of this meeting, she became "defensive" while demanding to know who ratted them out. He declined to answer and she continued to berate him as he exited.  

"She continued to follow him as he called his parents to warn them about Gonzales’s behavior and ask them to meet him on campus," reports CF. "Both Beck and Gonzales ended up at the Campus Safety office at the same time, where she said she would 'make a report of [her] own.'" Gonzales has given no comment on the matter.

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