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Trump v Globalists

OUR Freely Elected President Trump: Globally Minded And Domestically Focused, bRichard Holt, 3/20/17

The “Never Trump” movement and the alt-left will do anything and tell any lie to derail the administration of our newly freely elected president. I highlight, “elected”, here because Americans picked Donald Trump against everyone else. Despite our 241 years of elections in the US, I find it incredibly odd the kind of enemies Trump has pulled out of the woodwork. Even when he was officially the nominee he was attacked by some members of the party establishment.  And even now, the Republicans in congress are offering their style of slow and questionable support.  That’s doesn’t really surprise me. What we should find strange is this Russian conspiracy and its international connections.

OUR Freely Elected President Trump

In the middle of our election last year foreign heads of state started to complain about Donald Trump’s campaign and criticize his policies.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former President Vicente Fox, British PM David Cameron, French President Francios Hollande and former Swedish PM Carl Bildt.  Isn’t that really strange?  But American elections are international affairs after all.  It’s when the American people choose who’s going to run our nation and manage a loosely built American Empire.

Europeans don’t want an America that focuses inwards.  The EU wants further integration with the US as a part of erasing international borders and easing in global governance.  It’s not a bad thing to be so altruistic as to hope we can all hold hands one day and sing songs around an international campfire.  But the world isn’t so peaceful yet that we can erase borders and eliminate our sovereignty.

Spearheading the end of American sovereignty is (was?) Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.  Although we can undoubtedly find a core group of influential republicans ready to carry the globalist mantle, Trump has beat them… for now.  Despite our free and fair elections in the US, the Democratic Party is telling its many sheepy minions that their plans are going to be delayed at least another four years.  The Russian Conspiracy theory they, and their media allies, promote is part campaign rhetoric and part foreign policy propaganda.

The creation of Russia as an enemy conspirator with whom Trump is colluding might work in undermining the National Security issue where Republicans continually outpace Democrats in public confidence.  Trump also has business interests around the world which, according to them, will affect every foreign policy decision he makes.

As conservatives, we’re already naturally suspicious of groups and organizations that seek to compromise our national sovereignty which contributes to the cry to leave the UN.  Not just because of its questionable effectiveness, but its high cost.  It cost the US $7.6 billion in 2010!(1)  On top of these billions in American tax payer dollars, we were also paying to legitimize regimes hostile to freedom and the natural rights of man.  Says Josh Gelertner at the National Review:

“The U.N. will be corrupt so long as it pretends that governments that do not derive their power from consent of their governed are legitimate, and on that basis gives them a vote in its deliberations. The goal of the U.N. should be stamping out tyrants. What it does is validate them.”(2)

The UN is counter to our overall philosophy as Americans, and so too is the Democrat party’s assault on our freedom.  Their strategy of conspiring against Russia is compromising our national security.  Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian government, highlighted recently how Russia was being “demonized”.(4)  He further stated how it would be impossible for a nation like his to actually interfere with the US elections.

To continue this conspiracy theory, the UK government is claiming that they may retake the Brexit vote because it too was compromised by Russia.(5)  The decision of British voters to support their national sovereignty over the dictates of a non-democratic European government didn’t sit well with the Hillary-like people in Britain. Like in the US, Britain also has a contingent of conspiracy theorists hard at work undermining national sovereignty in the name of further integration.  Like in the US, they too have chosen Russia as the bad guy.  An interesting coincidence.

Good relations between Russia and the US isn’t in the best interest of an EU that continues to keep the Russians at bay. Perhaps it’s because a Russian enemy is a better justification for maintaining an EU government than good will and unity.  But regionalization is also the natural evolution of the global dynamic, however, these things take time.  France nor Germany were forged in a day from their city-states.  It took time for a singular culture and language to develop. 

Despite this, a powerful group of EU-US-UK overlords want a forced erosion of borders and a destruction of national sovereignty.  But the Europeans just aren’t buying it.  And that brings us back to Russia and the Trump administration.

If Trump and Putin can leave the past behind and build a friendship between our peoples, Europe is at risk.  Just like how we played China against the USSR in the Cold War days, the EU seeks parity by keeping the US in its corner and if it means marginalizing Russia then so be it.  After all, when you have the US providing cover with a huge military and lots of offensive military spending, then you have more security in the long run.

While this international dynamic is playing out, all the US voter is going to hear is how Trump wants to get along with a ruthless enemy and Democrats ~ they want to be the tough guys aligning themselves with our traditional allies like we always have.  Will American voters buy into the Democrats global agenda?  Will you fall for their lies and propaganda?  Here’s what Trump had to say about the globalist machine:

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