Friday, March 24, 2017

The GOP divide

The Republican Party is divided between the True Conservatives and the RINOs (Republicans in Name Only).


The True Conservatives are originalists in their view of the US Constitution (as written). They are convinced that true free market economics must be returned to the US. We would be happy to make the federal government 100% compliant with the US Constitution (as written). The RINOs think we’re crazy.


The RINOs campaign like conservatives, but they vote like Democrats. They are masked as the “go along to get along” crowd, but are in the tank for special interest campaign contributions and are susceptible to threats from radical special interests.  They jealously guard their turf and will turn on to destroy all challengers, especially True Conservatives.


When the Tea Party movement surged in 2010, we were a threat to the RINOs.  We saw an immediate reaction as the RINOs attacked the Tea Partiers.  This was followed by the IRS attacking the Tea Partiers.  It’s a turf war, but it is based on specific beliefs.


RINOs believe that socialism is too embedded in the American character to extract it and they feel they are better off to tolerate it; even though it continues to creep and damage the US economy. They also didn’t mind the global warming hoax, UN abuse and bad trade deals.  I think they are territorial but spineless.


The True Conservatives believe that socialism, if not reversed, will consume the US and result in sovereign bankruptcy.  The facts are on the side of the true conservatives.


With respect to the RyanCare Bill, True Conservatives oppose using tax dollars to subsidize insurance companies. That would be the “advanced tax credits” that the government would pay to health insurance companies as subsidies for big healthcare spenders.  We believe that the healthcare industry needs to lower their costs and won’t do this unless federal tax dollar subsidies are planned to be reduced.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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