Sunday, March 26, 2017

Repealing the Civil Rights Act

There is a case to be made to repeal all US anti-discrimination laws.  The Act was passed to end racial segregation laws in the South, but it should have been limited to ending the most offensive practices like restricting access to public bathrooms, water fountains and bus seats. That would have been enough to signal a change. The federal government could have accompanied this change with the truth that all people are equally able and encourage employers to begin to realize this.


The government could have desegregated the government workforce gradually to ensure that their hires were based on ability with no regard to race or sex. Hotels and restaurants could have voluntarily relaxed their segregation practices. Limiting the Civil Rights Act would have reasserted employers’ rights to hire whoever they wanted to hire. 


Instead, the Civil Rights Act led to the Employment Law scam. Once the right to hire was infringed, a myriad of other equally unnecessary employment laws were imposed in 1989.


The Civil Rights Act started a feeding frenzy to establish the class identity scam. The law was expanded include everybody else to no effect.  Adding religion was a joke. The government launched the war on Christianity in the 1960s and it continues today.  Adding women gave the government cover to debase the dollar and send everybody’s mom to work to pay for Lyndon Johnson’s wars on poverty and Vietnam.


Anti-discrimination laws caused the 2008 Mortgage meltdown, because the Community Reinvestment Act of 1993 and HUD rules forced lenders to give mortgages to unqualified buyers.


Now we have the Muslims using US discrimination law to invade the US through the UN refugee program, open borders and excessive legal immigration. We have “gays” insisting to join the scam and be included as a “protected group”.  The US Congress has not included “gays” in the Civil Rights Act, but municipalities have added anti-discrimination to their ordinances.  Also, most global corporations have anti-discrimination policies they have expanded to prevent religious liberty bills from passing through State legislatures.


You can go to jail and get fined in Canada for criticizing gays and other “minorities”. All of these laws infringe on the basic rights of all citizens and will eventually encourage revolt.


This revolt will be limited to much closer vetting of elected officials and will take place in the voting booth. Citizens should start drafting Bills to require complete disclosure of candidate voting records, decisions, scorecards, positions on issues and full resumes for candidates to add to their campaign websites.


The US Congress will need to declare that the Civil Rights Act did its job, is no longer necessary and has become a threat to the basic rights of all citizens.  It also needs to restore employer rights by repealing all useless and harmful employment laws ever passed.


If this doesn’t happen, the war on Christianity and the loss of freedom of association will continue.  If it does happen, the focus of US Law will shift back to the Constitution and that will be enough to remain a “Christian country”.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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