Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Leftism is a disease that afflicts almost half of all US voters. It was cooked up in US government Communist labs and fed to the population via our overpriced education system.


The behavior of the Leftist groups suggests brainwashing and mental illness.  Some mental disorders result in higher energy and obsession when patients skip their meds. We see this energy in those who are most afflicted by Leftism.


Cult victims have been brainwashed to accept an unusual amount of abuse from their captors.  The energy we see in Leftist groups matches their lack of logical explanations for their positions on issues.  They suffer from Leftism.


For most of the US population, the brainwashing for political correctness started in the universities and public schools in the 1970s with the Communist infested environmental movement and the threat of being called a “racist”. This was, of course, propagandized by the media.


Everyone now in their 40s remembers removing gender identification from titles like, fireman and policeman. It was time to save the whales and “the ice caps were melting”.  My daughter had a friend named Lori Feldman, who she referred to as Lori Feld-person after her gender-removing indoctrination.


Many of these folks who were inundated with propaganda have outgrown it, but some haven’t. Those who are more likely to still have the Kool Aid in their systems are the Millennials and current K through 12 and college students.  None of them have been able to articulate their positions on issues; they mostly just call names. 


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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