Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Trump was Wiretapped

Video by Dick Morris

Obama had the DOJ wiretap Trump during the campaign.
The FISA court turned down the wiretap request in June 2016, but approved it in October 2016.

Team Obama spied on Trump 3/7/17

Evidence is mounting that the Obama administration SPIED on the Trump campaign.

Even The New York Times reported with a blaring front-page headline on "wiretapping" of Trump associates! And multiple reports indicate that the Obama Justice Department used the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) to focus the spying resources of the federal government on
Trump Tower! As Newt Gingrich told FOX News today, "It is a fact that somebody broke the law and leaked information about a wiretap that which involved an American citizen."

Obama At The Center Of It All?

And despite his denials, there are enough breadcrumbs to suspect that the trail for the secret surveillance on his political opponents leads all the way back to Barack Hussein Obama! After all, Team Obama had its hands all over wiretapping and spying on its political opponents: everyone from Wikileaks, to Associated Press journalists, to former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkinson, to FOX News reporter James Rosen, and many more! And Wikileaks just revealed a massive, secret CIA "cyber intelligence" effort that turned everything from iPhones to TVs into high-tech spying devices.

Tell Congress To Investigate Obama Spying On Trump!

Over the weekend, President Trump called for a full investigation into the Obama Administration's secret surveillance of his campaign. The media almost lost their minds, and the Democrats are in FULL DENIAL that the Obama administration is connected to hacking Team Trump.

With clear evidence that the federal government, under Obama, spied on the Trump campaign -- along with ongoing "Deep State" attacks by Obama-friendly government bureaucrats -- Grassfire is launching the INVESTIGATE OBAMA SPYING petition to give citizens an opportunity to
call on Congress to fully investigate this matter.

If you are outraged by the news reports indicating the Obama Administration conducted secret surveillance against the Trump campaign DURING the election -- along with the Obama loyalists who are likely continuing "Deep State" attacks -- then sign the national INVESTIGATE OBAMA SPYING petition with ONE CLICK


(See the full text of the petition below.)

Shortly after the election, we alerted you that Obama was not going to go quietly into the night. In fact, he was gearing up for the fight to cement his legacy. So far, his plan is unfolding exactly as we imagined. Now, conservative Americans have mounting evidence that the surveillance capabilities of our government were trained on the Trump team. And "Deep State" factions likely with multiple layers of Obama loyalists are trying to undermine the new administration from within.

Congress must investigate Obama spying! Sign here and share this important petition with your friends.


For liberty and limited government, Grassfire

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