Thursday, March 23, 2017

Obamacare Repeal Problems

A full repeal of Obamacare would completely remove all of its components including subsidies. Declaring these subsidies as a “new entitlement” that cannot be taken away is a bad decision.  Obamacare didn’t work and all of it should be repealed.


Healthcare costs are too high precisely because of excessive federal subsidies and they won’t be reduced until federal subsidies are announced to decline over time.


The question is: can ObamaCare be “defanged” and then repealed after healthcare costs are reduced enough to allow normal Americans the chance to purchase their own “affordable” health insurance.


Adding an amendment that would allow health insurance companies to ignore the required coverages in ObamaCare should be added to the RyanCare Bill.


Knowing that excessive federal subsidies are the reason why healthcare is so expensive, the Freedom Caucus is refusing to add subsidies to the current Bill. This bill is not a full Repeal Bill, but it is a bill that moves subsidies from being consumer paid to subsidies that are tax dollar paid. It also removes the taxes, fines and many job-killing rules.


Trump must believe that Ryan’s 3 Step process will work and that healthcare costs will actually be reduced in Steps 2 and 3. The Freedom Caucus has never seen a 3 Step process ever work in Congress and they are raising flags.


Trump is a realist and knows that there will be a battle over Steps 2 and 3, but AI don’t believe Trump will give up like Reagan did on the amnesty and the wall.  The lawyers will scream if Congress tries to pare back malpractice costs that are tied to defensive medicine.  The Democrats will scream every step of the way because they are committed to advancing the socialist policies that created the problem in the first place.


Trump also knows how unconstitutional 80% of Congress is and knows that most Republicans vote like Democrats. But Trump is proceeding in a 100% Constitutional fashion by letting the Congress handle legislation. Trump is supporting the Ryan plan so that tax cuts can proceed.


The restoration of the US private sector market economy requires that we start electing members of Congress based on their support of the US Constitution (as written), their zeal to shrink the federal government and their devotion to restoring the free market economy.


I must conclude that Trump believes that the 3 Step process will work and the completion of Step 1 must come before tax cuts.  I don’t believe that Trump will abandon any of his promises and will continue to make remarkable progress on all of them in a short amount of time.


Trump appears to have the heart of a boxer and enjoys boxing 15 rounds.  His experience as a developer has increased his stamina as he endured daily problems with permits, sellers, funding, unions and a myriad of obstacles as he transformed properties with potential into more valuable venues. I expect he will succeed in attaining his goal to restore the US economy.


Trump understands that reducing immigration in all of its forms is necessary to restore the US to “full employment” by increasing jobs and decreasing foreign job seekers for all except the best H1b Engineers and H2a Seasonal Workers we can find. He will secure the border, deport illegal criminals and put the rest of the illegals at the end of the line for citizenship.


Trump refuses to touch welfare and prefers to lift the unemployed to become employed and lift themselves above welfare eligibility limits. This is consistent with his approach to replacing ObamaCare. He wants ObamaCare consumers to migrate to more affordable coverage.


Trump’s gentle approach to all of these issues can be disconcerting to conservatives like me.  I would remove illegals and refugees from welfare to encourage them to go home.  I would ban Sharia Law from replacing US Law. I would quit the UN to punish them for the global warming hoax and UN Agenda 21.  I would not bail out the health insurance companies who got us in this mess.


I must defer to Trump’s judgement on his support of the 3 Step repeal and replacement plan. I encourage you to do the same.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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