Thursday, March 2, 2017

Refugee Update

Numbers update: end of first 5 months of fiscal year, highest number of refugees admitted in over 10 years. by Ann Corcoran 3/1/17

Yesterday, February 28th, was the end of the first 5 months of fiscal year 2017. I checked the refugee admission numbers this morning (at Wrapsnet) and see that we admitted 37,026 refugees from all over the world since October 1, 2016.

How low will they go for Fiscal Year 2018? In 6 months that determination will be made.

Two days ago we reported that 36,822 had arrived. By two days from now (March 3), the flow should almost come to an end for now, although remember that President Trump has said 50,000 will be admitted by September 30th—a number that is too high in my opinion.

It is obviously too late, but I had argued for 35,000I knew that for the time I’ve been writing this blog (since 2007), that 37,026 was much more than we had ever admitted in the first 5 months of a fiscal year, so I was able to go to this chart and confirm it.

If you live in one of over 100 resettlement sites in the US, and felt that you were being swamped recently, you probably

37,026 is 7,834 more than the highest year below, and a whopping 24,782 more than the lowest year!

Here are the admission numbers for the first 5 months of the fiscal year going back to 2006:
2006: 16,287
2007:  12,244
2008:  14,224
2009:  22,809
2010:  29,192
2011:  25,680
2012:  18,581
2013:  28,078
2014:  26,925
2015:  26,717
2016:  22,827

Next big test for the Trump Administration! In September, President Trump will make his ‘determination’ for the number (and regions of the world from which they will come) of refugees to be seeded in to your towns and cities in FY2018.

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