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Terrorists Posing as Children

Foster mother takes in “12-yr-old” refugee; gets HORRIBLE surprise when she discovers…by Allen West 10/25/16

Boy howdy, just when you think you’ve seen and heard the most bizarre stories, there comes another that causes great consternation.

What troubles me more than anything is the reticence of many people in the West to take the enemy at its word. On Monday I attended a luncheon in Dallas for the impeccable and courageous head of ACT for America, my friend Brigitte Gabriel.

After her very astounding and insightful historically accurate presentation she opened up for Q&A. One of the inquiries came from a fine Texas gentleman whom I know very well. He asked, “Ms. Gabriel, are the people on the left side of the political spectrum complicit in the spread of Islamic terrorism, or ignorant?” Brigitte gave an astute response: “At the leadership level of the liberal progressive left, they are complicit. At the ground level, the people who support them are ignorant.”

And I can’t think of any better example than what has happened with the issue of “refugees” from combat zones where Islamic terrorists are operating freely.
When the enemy tells you they will infiltrate these mass flows of migrants, believe them! However, we have elected charlatans such as Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, who know this enemy, yet willfully expose us to their evil.

And then you have the rank and file progressive socialists who are ill informed and spew forth purely emotional drivel…after all, it is our own Secretary of State John Kerry who wishes the media wouldn’t report on Islamic terrorism. And our attorney general believes compassion, unity, and love will defeat Islamic terrorism. So, with all this being said, here’s a very bizarre story that’s the result of this complicity and ignorance.

As reported by the Daily Mail, “A woman opened her heart and her door to a 12-year-old boy who had fled the horrors of war in Afghanistan after losing his parents – or so she thought.

In reality, not only was the boy in her care, Jamal, almost a decade older than she had been duped into believing, but he also had Taliban and child abuse material on his phone.

A dentist’s check found his age to actually be around 21 and a subsequent investigation uncovered the shocking content on his mobile, according to the Sun.

However, the news did not come as a huge surprise to his foster mother, who gave her name only as Rosie, who had not only been extremely suspicious of his developed facial hair, which led to him being thrown off a bus as he looked too old for a child ticket, but also other characteristics.

She took Jamal to a climbing centre, where he displayed upper body strength far beyond his supposed years and also was able to completely strip a rifle at a shooting range. While in her care, he shared a room with three children aged between 12 and 14.

Rosie told the paper’s Nigel Bunyan and Chris Pollard: ‘It’s ridiculous how everybody else could see it but not the social workers.’ Although she could not confirm if he was a terrorist, she was adamant he had spent time in a training camp. She added that his last words to her were ‘I’ll kill you and I know where your children are.’

Jamal has since reportedly been turned down for asylum after being arrested for assault. It follows fierce criticism of ‘children’ being allowed into Britain ahead of the demolition of the Calais jungle appearing to be well into adulthood. Refugees, who the Government claims are aged 14 to 17, arrived at the UK Visas and Immigration office in Croydon, south London, by coach as part of a fast-track system to move youngsters from the French migrant camp.”

It sounds to me that the Brits need some “extreme vetting” because apparently there’s no such evaluation being done whatsoever.

Now, here’s the real issue: how many single, military-aged Muslim males are roaming the streets of Europe believed to be young teenagers but are actually “men”…and worse, trained Islamic jihadists? Can we be so dumb as to the fact that the enemy is telling us they’re in the Trojan Horse, and we still let them through the gates? And just how many more of these “refugees” do Obama and Clinton want to allow into the U.S.? All one needs to do is examine the serious situation in Minnesota with the Somali refugee community after nearly fifteen years.

The question is simple: how do we know who these individuals are, and again, my focus is on single military aged Muslim males. Then again, Tashfeen Malik showed that perhaps we also need to be concerned with single military aged Muslim females…and it was a female Islamic jihadist who killed herself via suicide bomb detonation in Brussels when authorities were closing in.

How does one check and verify these individuals? Do we just take them for their word? Remember the ol’ Ronald Reagan mantra of “trust but verify” — that certainly holds true in this case. So who will argue that we need to halt this process until we get a firm handle on Islamic jihadist infiltration into our countries? Who could be so ignorant of the fact that we have a problem?

But, I want to ask a further question. Why is it that the Obama administration demonstrates such dismissive recalcitrance in allowing the migration of Christians out of the Middle East? Obama is playing a very dangerous game of red light, green light…y’all remember that game right? Well, it seems that Muslims get the green light, while Christians get the red light. Now why is that happening?

Here’s Obama and Clinton who, because of their strategic ignorance, created a vacuum in the Middle East that was filled by Islamic jihadists, and has been a nightmare for Christians and other religious minorities such as the Yazidis. I’d like to know how many Assyrians, Chaldeans, Copts and Yazidis have been granted asylum in the United States, or even Europe, since the rise of ISIS? The numbers are minimal.

And what’s very interesting is that we have thriving communities in America of Assyrians and Coptic Christians who could help validate and verify individuals seeking entry into the U.S .– and probably many have relatives here who could provide care, instead of greater government benefits. I think that would be a better course of action than having more Jamal’s going to Chuckie Cheese and worse, potentially sexually molesting young girls and committing acts of terror.

How many Jamals are in the UK, France, Germany, and other European nations who could eventually get travel visas into the United States — without proper scrutiny? And just how many of these illegal immigrant boys coming into America are truly young teenagers, or are they grown men, or worse, gang members?

Obviously some loving, compassionate UK social worker who believed we’re “Stronger Together” and should empathize with our enemies allowed a 21-year-old Islamic jihadi into their country. For some reason there were no systems of verification. And we must now ask, what are the systems in place here in America? We have a decision coming in two weeks, and it may just decide what type of systems we have to protect our Republic from the infiltration of Jamals.

[Editor’s note: The supposedly 17-year-old chap in this video has an iPhone. Just as a side note, does anyone else wonder how these “refugees” pay for cellphone service and data plans and surely, “roaming” charges?]

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