Friday, March 3, 2017

The Russia Scam

Democrats are running a scam on the lie that the Trump campaign colluded with Putin and the Russians to ensure Trump’s election. This is as phony as Obamacare, the global warming hoax and the other UN country-killing schemes Democrats have always supported.


Congress should not investigate the Russian ruse unless they have probable cause. Claims that Russia tried to influence the 2016 US election that came from Obama administration officials is not probable cause; it is an attempt for these Liberal Democrat Operatives to menace the Trump administration’s start-up operations. It’s treason. The Liberals are defeated, but they are perpetuating this scam, even on Fox News. Those Republicans who thought an investigation of this Russian ruse was a good idea should not be reelected.


It has long been obvious to me that Russia is no longer our enemy. I believe that the USSR divested too much when they released their former satellite allies and reset their borders after they banned the Communist Party in 1989. They should have kept the Crimean peninsula to keep their warm water port, their access to oil exporting and their military base there. Russia needs to expand their private sector economy and encourage their former satellite countries to do the same.


I have observed that Putin is not a big UN supporter.  He didn’t jump on the renewable energy fad.  He was not duped by the global warming hoax.  Putin is a Russian Nationalist who doesn’t know how to expand his own private sector economy beyond exporting oil and gas.  China and Japan also appear to be cool to UN nonsense and ignore them regularly.


Trump’s initiative to change our trade agreements to all be bi-lateral made the most sense and it could lead Europe out of the EU, another destructive UN invention. When the UN pulled out the Refugee Resettlement program, they sealed their fate.  Not even the totally brainwashed, hapless, socialist Europeans will put up with this for much longer.


When the global economy cartel faltered in 2014 and Brexit passed in the UK and Trump rightfully concluded that the US had to start acting like a nation, I saw a crack in the UN Agenda 21 plan that gave me some hope that the world would reject subjugation by the UN and push back on their initiatives.  We already have enough justification for the US to quit the UN.  We shouldn’t be funding the UN or any other International group that causes this much trouble.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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